Building Basic API

Welcome. Making API calls and render the responses on a web page is fun. But, creating an API and querying it is wonderful! Besides, creating an API allows us to gain more insight into how APIs work, what is the logic behind them, and what is going on in the back-end when an API call is received. So if you feel that you have done enough making API calls so far in your projects, and you decided to deep down to understand the whole process of any application, I can say that this article may help you.

We are going…

In the development process, besides specify which technologies are going to be used, it is important to determine how the project architecture is going to be. These days, the most common project architecture is microservice architecture. One of the basic features of the microservice architecture is that every service can be deployed separately. Thanks to this feature, every single service can use a different protocol(s) in the project. It means a project can contain both HTTP, AMQP, and WS connection protocols.

In this article, we are going to build a service that uses both HTTP, AMQP, and WS. …

Welcome. In this episode, we are going to add user authentication and authorization features to our app. These two concepts are often confused or used interchangeably. In fact, authentication means “identifying who the user is” and authorization means “determining what the user is and isn’t allowed to do.”

For now, our to-do lists are accessible for everyone. We want to restrict access for the sake of security, so anybody can’t add a new task to our list and can’t change or delete existing ones. …

Bu makale ilk olarak 11/04/2021 tarihinde adresinde yayınlanmıştır.

Genel Bakış

Yazılım geliştirme süreçlerinde geliştirilecek uygulamada kullanılacak olan teknolojileri belirlemenin yanı sıra uygulamanın mimarisini de belirlemek çok önemlidir. Bugünlerde en yaygın kullanılan mimari yapı micro servis yapısıdır. Micro servis yapılarının temel özelliklerinden birisi her bir servisin ayrı ayrı deploy edilebilir olmasıdır. Bu özellikleri yoluyla her servis uygulama içerisinde ayrı bir bağlantı protokolü kullanabilir. Yani bir uygulamada hem HTTP, hem AMQP hem de WS kullanılabilir.

Bugün burada hem HTTP hem AMQP hem WS kullanan küçük bir kargo takip uygulaması yapacağız. Bu uygulamda şu teknolojileri kullanacağız:

  • Express.js
  • MongoDB
  • Socket.IO
  • RabbitMQ
  • ReactJS

Express.js kütüphanesini HTTP…

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I am a self-taught JavaScript Developer. I like to tell, listen and read stories about JavaScript world

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